South Asia Bio-regionalism Working Group (August 2020- Present)

ICA is actively involved with supporting and promoting a new South Asia level Bioregionalism working group that questions and unsettles the dominant narrative around fixed and rigid  political-administrative boundaries in the South Asian region.

The   group   intends to generate and strengthen the following:

  • Knowledge creation and awareness of a bio-regionalist approach  to  democratic decision-making in South  Asia. Understanding  and  highlighting  traditional/local systems of decision making and their ecological connections; revitalising   democracy by re-situating ecology in individuals’ lives.
  • Advocacy to integrate a bioregionalism  perspective into policy, governance, socio-ecological-political structures, and community thinking.
  • People-to-people   communication/collaborations across current political and administrative boundaries; efforts at envisioning, and working towards, the dissolving of porousness of current political  and  administrative boundaries where they are inappropriate or violative of bioregional    principles,  and their replacement by bioregional governance, for example – systems constituted around river basins that cut across current nation-state boundaries, as an ultimate goal.
  • Support   systems   for   communities, movements,   and groups working on the ground.
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