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Can you picture
climate heaven?


Imagine decent living standards for everyone across all our villages, towns and cities. Healthy soil, gardens, parks, lakes, rivers, forests, marshes, grasslands, deserts, mountains and oceans. There is much abundance, creativity, comfort, culture, laughter, freedom, good health, harmony, joy, stability, and security in such a world. Anger, fear, hate, inequality, injustice, insecurity, sickness, suffering and violence are less common in this world.

Imagine a new world where healthy food, clean air, safe water, pleasant weather, peaceful relations, and well-planned societies are normal. This world has happy people, resilient communities, successful and sustainable businesses, trusted and efficient governments, and thriving and bountiful nature. Diversity and excellence are encouraged, supported and celebrated. No one is left behind.

Transformative climate action makes such worlds possible today.

The Initiative for Climate Action (ICA) is a non-profit
and has a vision that imagines,enables and accelerates
low-carbon and zero-carbon futures of justice and sustainability.
We are starting our journey with building an ecosystem for
climate action in Bangalore, India.

Who are we?


Our Friends in Climate Action

ICA operates with a unique transformative system change approach

The ICA, a young S. 8 non-profit company, is a 45+ member volunteer community of lawyers, policy experts, film-makers, artists, systems thinkers, climate scientists, marine biologists, architects, civil society workers, academicians, etc. and has extensive collective experience of engaging different aspects of climate change, systemic transformation, vulnerability response, resilience-building, education, and youth empowerment.

The ICA operates with a unique transformative system change approach that emphasises: nuanced study and appreciation of the ‘big picture’, intersectionality and its impacts, and the (potential) interconnections between various disciplines, systems and sub-systems; creative engagement with climate and environmental issues at multiple levels and scales including the local, national, regional, and international; carefully-designed systemic interventions at key leverage points that straddle the realms of community mobilisation, culture, education, law, planning, policy, and science.

All our work is deeply motivated by and oriented towards our vision of climate heaven – a more sustainable, resilient, flourishing and just world with well-being, dignity, and a meaningful life for all.

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