We created the ICA community in the belief that together, we can tackle any problem, even climate change. Now that you are here, would you like to take your first step toward climate action with us?
We would love to invite you to join our journey towards climate heaven.
If you are an organization, we would love to collaborate or partner with you to achieve our shared goals and vision.
If you are an individual, you can join our community and become a member, you can volunteer with us, become an intern, join us in our adventure or simply observe and learn!
You realise that climate change is the biggest threat humanity is facing right now and want to do something about it, but dont have enough time to join our long journey? You can contribute your time, skills in small blocks or contribute whatever money you are comfortable with, towards our cause.
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Initiative for Climate Action,
12/2 (old No 88), Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur,
Bengaluru – 560086, Karnataka, India

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