Rights of Rivers in South Asia

(April 2020-Present)

ICA has been actively supporting the development and emergence of a new trans-boundary alliance called the Rights of  Rivers  South  Asia  [RoRSA].  RoRSA  is  part  of  a  global regenerative  narrative  shift  where  rivers  (and  nature  in general) are legally recognised as living entities with rights instead  of being  viewed as resources  to  be exploited  for human economic growth. RoRSA  aims  to  foster dialogue and collaboration around the concept of Rights of Rivers, and to enable community empowerment, regeneration, conservation and responsible policymaking.  Inspired by  the worldviews  of local and indigenous communities across South Asia and other parts of the world, we recognise that systemic changes that honour the deep interconnections between humans and nature are essential  in  order  to  transform  destructive current paradigms of development.

The inaugural public event of the RoRSA was conducted on 14 Mar 2021 (poster attached below) with many other activities planned ahead.

Poster of the inaugural public event
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