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Meet the Team

We see ourselves as a community of collaborators, orchestrators, enablers, problem solvers, transformation agents, thinkers, dreamers, doers and everything else it takes to build a better world for all. We are interested in attempting to realise  exciting new paradigms of what people-centric and nature-inspired organisations can be like.

Anindita Misra
Jai Warrier
Dhwani Nagesh
Manan Bhan
Aprajita Kapoor
Hemavathi S. Shekhar
Abhayraj Naik
Ajay Raghavan
Anjali Joisa
Samarth Kavoori
Sunayana Ganguly
Tulshe Chowdhury
Jyothy Karat
Namrata Kabra
Shivangi Adani
Vedita Agarwal
Vinay Prakash
Vinayak Kulkarni
Indranuj Pathak
Ishani Kulkarni
Anoushka Garg
Vani Garg
Hari Dilip Kumar
Shyam Warrier
Christin Engler
Anish Thomas

We are a unique team, unafraid of challenges and complexity.

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