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Building a Platform for Transformative Climate Action

The Initiative for Climate Action’s mission is to accelerate transformative climate action for system change through the creation and sharing of contextual knowledge, the development of visionary leadership at all levels, and the building of ecosystems for impactful action.

We don’t look at what we do at the ICA as work, in the traditional sense, we instead look at it as a journey. A journey that constantly evolves as it pursues a more equitable world for everyone. We believe that equitable world is only possible if we take everyone along, both in body and spirit. We see ourselves as collaborators, orchestrators, enablers, problem solvers, transformation agents, thinkers, dreamers, doers and everything else it takes to build a better world for all.

The ICA is currently focusing on

Developing and disseminating contextual and actionable climate knowledge with particular emphasis on the city of Bangalore.

Creating climate leaders who can apply climate knowledge in their own context, community and organisation.

Enabling climate advocates to achieve climate action goals.

Building collaborative frameworks that enable people to work together to solve complex climate problems.

Sustainable Development Goals we are working towards

Are you passionate about the planet and climate action? Do you see yourself contributing to the above goals? We would love to connect and explore possibilities.

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