Transforming People and Systems for Flourishing, Healthy, Just and Sustainable Futures 


Climate change is changing our everyday life. Deadly new diseases are surfacing, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, existing water and food supplies are failing, summers are unbearably hot, extreme weather events including droughts and storms are increasingly common, numerous plants and animals have become extinct. Businesses and communities are grappling with greater risk and uncertainty, governments are rendered paralyzed and ineffective, and millions of climate refugees are desperately looking for a safe home. Climate change is threatening the very basis for life on earth. We can no longer be certain that our children will inherit a livable planet.

We need urgent action now to survive, navigate and eventually thrive in this new reality. 


Ajay, Abhayraj and Jai got together due to a shared frustration about the lack of progress towards reducing the harmful effects of Climate Change. The first conversations on starting something new together go back all the way to September 2018. We’ve spoken to many people from different walks of life, and from different areas of expertise, from across India and from across the world about climate change over the past months. We are now ready to take our efforts out into the world in a much bigger way. Many friends and supporters have promised to join us along the way.     

We feel that the climate science is clear. What will happen to the world as we know it, if we all continue with business as usual, is terribly scary and will cause a lot of pain and disruption. We have no doubt whatsoever that urgent action is required now. We are clear that we have an important role to play in making this action happen in a meaningful and impactful way.   

We believe that existing knowledge, solutions, initiatives, and people already working on the problems of climate change have great transformative potential, but have been unable to come together effectively to change systems decisively. We believe in doing things differently to transform the world around us. This might involve embracing a hacker mindset to solve a problem in the fastest and most efficient way or being a futurist to envision where the world is headed to and what alternatives are possible if we take action now. 

We recognise that we are attempting the impossible in trying to change the way the world functions in a short span of time. We realise that this will require us to operate in new and “weird” ways, to live out a prefigurative politics in our individual lives and collective work first, to convince and demonstrate to others that radical transformation for the better is indeed possible now. Our culture and values revolve around action, courage, openness, passion, and truth. We are committed to building an organisation that embodies our audacity of imagination. 

People, communities, collaboration, and co-creation are central to our existence and mission. Diversity, distributed creativity and design thinking are key elements of our work style. We genuinely believe that everyone has something valuable to offer in a common quest for a safer, healthier, more inclusive, and indeed thriving climate future. We are open to failing every now and then as long as we are always learning and becoming stronger through the experience. Nothing delights us more than helping people find and realise their purpose in promotion of a better world for everyone.

Are you passionate about the planet and climate action? Do you see yourself contributing to the above journey? We would love to connect and explore possibilities.