Founding Team

Abhayraj Naik

Abhay is an activist-academic, community builder, and design hacker for transformative change. He is passionate about animals, cycling, ethico-aesthetic politics, magic-as-a-heuristic, and social justice. He loves taking on complex problems with a system change mindset to generate and strengthen collaborative pathways for flourishing cultures. Abhayraj’s work focuses on education, environment, ethics, cities, and technology. He has (and continues to) teach interdisciplinary courses on climate, environment, justice, law, policy, and research at a number of universities across India. He holds degrees from the National Law School of India University and Yale Law School.

Ajay Raghavan

Ajay used to be one of the top employment lawyers in the world. He was a senior partner at India’s leading law firm, Trilegal, where he built one of the most successful legal practices in the country. After being deeply influenced by what was happening with the planet, Ajay decided to focus his attention on sustainability and climate change. He is incredibly passionate about art, science, sustainability, and wellbeing. Ajay is a strong believer in empathy, design thinking and collaborative frameworks. He is a co-founder at Bangalore Creative Circus, a 20,000 sq feet space in Bangalore that was set up to build awareness and promote solutions around sustainable and conscious living. He is also on the Board of Dream a Dream. Ajay loves art, music, sport, and creativity.

Jai Warrier

Jai is a Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability enthusiast who plans to enable all individuals, communities and organisations to be more sustainable, resilient, and eventually thrive in the new Climate Reality that is upon us. His main reason to address the harmful effects of climate change is to preserve the planet’s natural biodiversity for future generations to enjoy. Previously, Jai has worked as a social impact consultant for Sattva Consulting, where he supported multiple funders with the design, implementation and monitoring of their social impact initiatives. He enjoys practicing yoga, cycling, photography, travelling and spending time in the stillness of nature. He holds a Sociology degree from Durham University.

Community Builders

Anjali Joisa

Anjali is an environment conservation enthusiast, animal lover and an ardent propagator of sustainable living. She is a believer in the intersectionality of climate change and feminism, and is passionate about the mountains and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. She believes that an active and concentrated effort to bring about awareness and dispel misconstrued notions about climate change and sustainable living can take the fight against climate change ahead by leaps and bounds. Anjali graduated from Gujarat National Law University in 2016 and has been litigating in Bangalore for over three years.

Shyam Warrier

Shyam is a lawyer who chose to go off the beaten path to pursue his passion for learning and helping people thrive. His people centric leanings inspired him to become an HR professional. He currently heads Open Door Consulting, a boutique HR advisory firm. He revels in environments where employee success, personal achievement and collaboration are highly valued. He is a sports fanatic and spends his free time playing tennis and cricket and coaching his twins.

Vani Garg

Vani is a law student with a keen interest in environment conservation and climate change, one that is driven and motivated by her love for nature. She dreams of a world where being at peace with nature is second nature to all humans. She is also passionate about teaching, and believes that her education and internships are additional factors that made her fundamentally sensitive to the environment around her. Apart from work, she loves reading and writing poetry, playing the guitar, dancing, cooking and sports.

Vedita Agarwal

Vedita is a climate-action enthusiast, currently exploring the possibilities  this vast space has in store for her. Her volunteering stint with Extinction Rebellion, Bangalore in August 2019 marked the beginning of her interest, and subsequent passion in this space. This led her to switch gears and devote herself full time to climate action. Her interests lie particularly in tackling social injustice that climate change events amplify, and focusing on adaptation of vulnerable communities to climate change. Apart from work, she loves dancing, spreading cheer around, and cooking! Vedita is an MBA and B.Com (Hons.) graduate and is a Business Development professional by experience.

Community Members

Anish Thomas

Anish Thomas is a multidisciplinary artist, passionate cook and the founder of From delivering pizzas, to creating wall art and to even running community music events, he has done it all. These experiences have given him unique insights about people, food and the current system of consumerism and its unhealthy dependence on mass producers and their deceptive marketing tactics. Through his start-up he provides on-demand authentic home-made Kerala products. This allows house-wives and small scale businesses to process and sell their products outside Kerala, hence unlocking new markets. He is eager to enhance existing farming practices by implementing appropriate technology and developing new market linkages. He sees the role of a new age farmer as being healthier and being more responsible for the individual, community and planet.

Aoushka Garg

Anoushka is an artist and visual designer. She is drawn towards understanding sustainability and ethical production processes in businesses and brands. She is also keen on understanding how art can be leveraged to expose the truth behind problematic brands and enable customers to make better and more sustainable choices. Her climate action interest areas are around ethical consumerism, veganism and animal rights, intersectionality and system change. In her leisure time, she mainly illustrates and dabbles in art, and loves reading concepts around psychology and activism.

Aprajita Kapoor

Aprajita is a lawyer by profession. She is currently associated with Trilegal and has worked with AZB & Partners and other law firms in the past as a corporate lawyer. Her portfolio of work includes advising companies in areas such as general corporate advisory, transactional advisory, M&A, private equity and she has worked across various sectors such as information technology, FMCG, manufacturing, media & entertainment, energy & power etc.

She is particularly enthusiastic about waste management, conservation of wildlife & natural resources, efficient management of resources, adoption of sustainable practices, carbon sequestration and adoption of sustainable farming techniques, food forests, permaculture etc. She often binge watches documentaries and videos on all the subjects mentioned above, reads books about health, nutrition, spirituality, neuroscience and optimisation of human potential. She never passes up an opportunity to be outdoors and loves to soak up the sun. She likes to go on hikes, treks and be close to nature. She is also a fashion enthusiast and currently trying to reconcile her love for fashion with her love for climate causes and conservation of resources. She dabbles in yoga whenever she gets a chance. 

Christin Engler

A self-employed designer & project manager at with a passion for all that is either super artistic or meaningful, and ideally both. A writer and undercover artist who spent the past three years in Bali, Nepal, Ladakh, and Karnataka. A passionate motorcycle rider & yogini. Prior to that she spent some years living in a mountain village in South Germany, and was interested and involved in establishing a sustainable lifestyle having no car, using mainly wood & solar energy, supporting local organic-farming and working as a designer for the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability. With her strong connection to nature, she stands for a very minimalist lifestyle, constantly questioning consumption and its impact on the environment and each individual. Why is she involved in this project? Because she feels that the world needs more awareness around the impact of and solution to climate change and design can be a crucial medium to communicate this awareness. 

Hari Dilip Kumar

An engineer by training, Hari is a generalist problem-solver with about a decade of rich and varied experience in sustainability and social impact. He has worked on clean energy product development & research, water in agriculture, off-grid energy access, food-security, and community-based sustainability transitions. He is passionate about science & technology for social benefit, and keenly interested in innovation, human-centred design and social entrepreneurship.

Hari has contributed significantly to ground breaking projects that have been recognized globally for innovation and impact, including twice by the United Nations. He co-founded FluxGen, a sustainable technologies company in Bengaluru. He later worked with MicroEnergy International (Germany) on the concept of swarm electrification, and further headed research & product development at Solshare, an international joint-venture social enterprise creating clean energy marketplaces in rural off-grid areas of Bangladesh. Following this, he researched systems issues at Public Affairs Centre, a 25-year old non-profit think tank focused on the SDGs in the Indian context.

Based in Bangalore, Hari currently works as an independent consultant and researcher with startups & non-profits on a range of sustainable development challenges. He writes about his experiences and interests in the field at The Sustainability Problemsolver.  

Hemavathi S. Shekhar

Hemavathi is a Masters Law graduate, Researcher and an Academic. She is the founder of Enabling Necessary Action through Climate Talk (ENACT) with the aim of creating a Climate Literate Society. She has specialised in Business Laws and Environmental Laws.  She has previously worked at the Environment Support Group and as an assistant professor at Tamil Nadu National Law University. Her key areas of interest are Corporate Governance & Climate Change and Climate Education. She wishes to use her training in law to uphold the rights of communities vulnerable to climate change and enable adoption of sustainability by companies in India. Her hobbies include reading about space and watching Japanese Anime.  

Indranuj Pathak

Indranuj Pathak is a public policy professional and has been a part of various projects in solid waste management, disaster risk reduction, water security and challenges, climate change and issues of human rights and democratic values. He is now interested in working on the intersection of science and policy to bring effective and pragmatic climate solutions. He is also advocating for climate education to be incorporated in the textbooks of the country’s young minds in a more nuanced and thoughtful manner.He considers his Dad and Greta Thunberg to be the heroes of his life. In his free time, he delves into watching and discussing cinema with his friends, writing human stories, playing cricket and traveling around the country meeting people and capturing photos; “Kerala and Bihar are the two states every Indian should visit, truly life changing experiences”, he recommends. He is also an avid reader with RK Narayan’s autobiography ‘My days’, David Wallace’s ‘The uninhabitable earth’ and Mitch Albom’s ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ being his favourites. 

Ishani Kulkarni

Ishani is a designer by profession and has worked in small & qualitative data visualization, type design, branding, illustration and book design. She has also developed a card game for children that focuses on the climate crisis communication and encourages their participation in its mitigation. She currently co-runs THIS Design, a design practice focused on social impact and collaborations. Outside of work she can often be found enjoying the company of books, music and a hot cup of chai.

Jyothy Karat

Jyothy is a filmmaker and photographer based in Bangalore, India. She is the happiest telling stories in the form of documentary films, photo essays or articles. She began her career as a Photo Editor with AOL (America Online). At the age of 22, she was selected by the Angkor Photo Festival for a workshop for Emerging Photographers in Asia in 2009 and within the next two months, she quit her job and set out to become a freelance photojournalist. Since taking that leap of faith, she has won a Fellowship from World Press Photo and Konrad Adenauer to study Multimedia Journalism in the Philippines, worked for some of the biggest media brands in the world, and has won the ‘2020 Explorer Grant for Storytelling’ from the ‘National Geographic Society for Research and Exploration’. When she is not working, she likes to crawl under a rock with a book. But when she comes out and the sunshine hits her face, she has an intense desire to tell the stories that matter to her. With ICA, she hopes to be part of the solutions too!

Namrata Kabra

Namrata is a lawyer by training, with academic and professional work experience in environmental and climate law. She is keen to bring laws and policies into practice through rightful implementation. She is interested in the intersection of research, activism and policy engagement to explore solutions for the changing climate and address concerns relating to environment, ecology, human mobility, gender justice, human rights and health and rights of nature to create climate justice. She believes that an internalised environmental consciousness is a way of living and is attempting to practice a minimalist lifestyle. Lastly, she is always thinking about her next trip!

Samarth Kavoori

Samarth has a background in Economics and International Relations, and Geopolitics. He is a Political Analyst by profession. He holds a B.Sc. in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics from Christ University along with an M.A. in Diplomacy, Law and Business from O.P. Jindal Global University. He previously worked at a startup based out of Mumbai called Grid91. He envisions discernible change in climate awareness in India and the world. Samarth’s primary areas of interests include the politics and economics of climate change.

Shivangi Adani

Shivangi is a lawyer by profession and is currently working as an Intern at Dalberg Advisors for environmental policy projects. She has previously worked with Vanashakti Public Trust and Wildlife Conservation Trust in environmental litigation and wildlife law research and projects. Her passion areas in Climate Change are forests, water and behaviour change. Shivangi enjoys travel, reading, writing poetry, sipping on coffee in her leisure time.

Sunayna Ganguly

Sunayna is a PhD in Political Science from the Environmental Policy Research Centre Freie Universität Berlin. She is currently an assistant Professor at Azim Premji University, Bangalore and has previously worked with the Industrial Ecology Group, University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the German Development Institute (Bonn). Her work and experiences explore environmental governance, civil society, deliberative democracy and sustainable consumption with a focus on South Asia.

Tulshe Chowdhury

Tulshe works as a consultant for Monitoring and Evaluation with Oxford Policy Management. She has previously worked with Sattva Consulting for 3 years and was a fellow with the Gandhi Fellowship for two years. She is particularly keen on understanding the use of policy and management tools to help public and private organizations in assessing and addressing their environmental impacts, risks and remedies so as to achieve sustainability. Her goals are to practice self-acceptance, watch the sunrise from various angles across the globe, influence and inspire people to live more sustainably. She is the happiest around food, art and stories!

Vinayak Kulkarni

Vinayak is an advocate practising in Bangalore and has worked as a marine biologist in the past. His key areas of interest are conservation of biodiversity, empowerment of government officials for the same and  formulation of a framework for an equitable benefit sharing mechanism under the Biodiversity Act. In his free time he likes to read autobiographies, interact with people from villages and help in translations (from English to Kannada language)

Vinay Prakash

Vinay Prakash is a public policy professional who has experience working with international organisations and NGOs working in human rights, regional cooperation and development. Previously, he has worked on examining reforms to end displacement of people, and the destruction of ecology in Bangalore. Vinay has also worked at a mobility startup, where he oversaw public policy research and stakeholder management. He presently works at a MedTech startup as the head of public policy and outreach. He has a particular interest in policies and governance issues relating to the UNDP’s sustainable development goals, more specifically national and international developments surrounding the environment, climate change, and healthcare. Vinay also enjoys swimming and exploring trails and walks around Bangalore city.

Are you passionate about the planet and climate action? Do you see yourself being part of the above? We would love to connect and explore possibilities.